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10 Ways To Help Animals Today

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On behalf of World Animal Day which was on October 4th, I challenged myself to think of 10 ways in which we can be a friend to animals. We may think that only going vegan or adopting a pet from the shelter count as ways to help animals, and although these are two great ways to help them, they are not the only ways. After some careful thought, here are my 10 direct and indirect ways to help animals.

Feedspot Honor and Why I Created Paw Passion Project

I’m grateful to have been included on Feedspot’s Top 100 Animal Websites and Blogs for Animal Lovers earlier last week. Feedspot, thank you for acknowledging this blog’s contribution to animals and to animal welfare across the world. Feedspot’s list of 100 animal websites and blogs includes blogs from major websites including The Dodo and The Humane Society of the United States, to charitable organizations such as Animal Aid Unlimited and YouTube channels including Vet Ranch and Happy Tails. To be included in such a list is truly an honor.