About Paw Passion Project

The goal of Paw Passion Project is to help build compassion for all animal species. My approach involves integrating topics from within animal behavior and welfare, anthropology, cultural studies, religious studies, science, law, economics, conservation, sustainability, climate studies and veterinary medicine to help examine our relationship to other animal species and to learn how these relationships affect the sustainability of the planet as a whole. It is my deepest desire that through developing an understanding of other species that is based on respect and compassion, we are able to work towards finding a solution to preserve the planet that all of us call home.

Primary Contributors

Nicole Tolmie is currently the primary contributor to Paw Passion Project. Nicole earned her bachelor’s degree in cultural anthropology from Washington State University. She has written newspaper articles, blogs, and has been a ghostwriter for books. Nicole is sharing her love for animals on Paw Passion Project.