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gray kitty sitting on top of a scratching pad

How To Prevent Your Pet From Getting Lost – National Pet Loss Prevention Month

How many of us have lost a pet? And no, I’m not referring to grieving over a pet who has passed away (also terribly sad) but about a pet who has run away or disappeared. It’s a terrible feeling to be helpless and unable to find your friend.

4 Tips For Traveling With Cats

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My saga of traveling with my cats started and ended well. At the end of May, I traveled from California to Washington state with my two cats in hand, ready to introduce them to their new home. It would be a 2.5-hour flight from Los Angeles, CA to Portland, OR and thankfully it went better than I could have ever expected.

The Future of Wildlife

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When many of us hear a baby crying, we may feel a sudden urge to comfort it, to relieve its pain and to see a smile return to his or her face. Yet how do we feel towards an animal, yet alone a wild animal, that’s suffering? I believe most of us are empathetic and hate seeing any animal suffer, whether it’s our own pet or a wild animal. When we see a deer that’s been hit by a car we can sense its pain as sharply and as non-distinguishably as if our own dog or cat was injured. 

My Raccoon Friends

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They used to climb the palm tree in the neighbor’s yard directly across the street from my apartment. I could watch them clumsily scale the tree each morning, letting the old branches fall down and making quite the ruckus. This continued on for several months until the homeowners had a tree trimmer come to remove the lower branches of the palm tree and the creatures retreated. 

Animal Enrichment And Tricks Your Cat Will Love

Animal enrichment is the practice of providing your dog or cat (or any captive animal) with appropriate stimuli and aspects to their environment that encourage them to perform their natural behaviors and to express positive emotions. Animal enrichment practices depend on the individual animal and the species of animal. Cats require different types of enrichment than do dogs, than do elephants in a zoo, for instance. Animal enrichment is required for all types of captive animals including laboratory and zoo animals as well as companion animals.

Community Cats Across The World

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Community cats are unowned cats who live outdoors with other cats in groups called colonies. Community cats can include two types of cats, socialized cats who were previously owned by someone sometimes these are referred to as stray cats, and unsocialized, feral cats who have never been owned.

Volunteering at a spay and neuter clinic

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Last year, I spent many Sunday afternoons volunteering in a spay and neuter clinic. I helped both the staff and the animals who had been brought in to be spayed or neutered or to receive vaccines, nail trims or pre-scheduled wellness appointments that happened once a week.