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10 Ways To Help Animals Today

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On behalf of World Animal Day which was on October 4th, I challenged myself to think of 10 ways in which we can be a friend to animals. We may think that only going vegan or adopting a pet from the shelter count as ways to help animals, and although these are two great ways to help them, they are not the only ways. After some careful thought, here are my 10 direct and indirect ways to help animals.

Feedspot Honor and Why I Created Paw Passion Project

I’m grateful to have been included on Feedspot’s Top 100 Animal Websites and Blogs for Animal Lovers earlier last week. Feedspot, thank you for acknowledging this blog’s contribution to animals and to animal welfare across the world. Feedspot’s list of 100 animal websites and blogs includes blogs from major websites including The Dodo and The Humane Society of the United States, to charitable organizations such as Animal Aid Unlimited and YouTube channels including Vet Ranch and Happy Tails. To be included in such a list is truly an honor.

5 Ways To Care For Your Older Cat

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The percentage of cats over six years of age has nearly doubled in just a decade, according to the Cornell University Feline Health Center. This seems reasonable because just as humans are living longer lives, our cat’s indoor lives combined with advances in veterinary medicine may be contributing to longer lives for our furry friends.

10 Must-Have Products For a Healthy, Happy Cat

Did you know that 33% of Americans own a cat? And that there are 86 million owned cats in the U.S. (more than the 78 million owned dogs, since 52% of cat owners own more than one cat). (source) Over the years, my family has owned many cats. Combined with my own two and my experience working at a cat sanctuary, I feel well qualified to present my list of 10 products that every cat owner should own and use regularly to have happy and healthy felines.

5 Tips To Help You Handle Pet Loss

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An animal’s death can be the toughest thing for us. For our pets, many of us identify as their caregivers and just as losing a close family member, the loss of our animal can be devastating.
After losing my best friend when I was a teen, I experienced my first encounter with depression. Her name was Mew-Mew, she was a beautiful long hair calico cat who passed away suddenly and in front of me from what I believe was a heart attack. Her loss left me shattered for many weeks and forever changed. I had experienced my first encounter with death and had lost my best friend from when I was 5 years old.

3 Ways That Your Cat is Perfectly Designed To Be a Cat

What makes your cat so unique compared to your dog or pet bird? Aside from their quirky antics such as climbing into cardboard boxes, knocking our things off the desk or counter, and frantically running full speed from one room to the next, how are cats specifically designed and for what purposes?

How To Prevent Your Pet From Getting Lost

How many of us have lost a pet? And no, I’m not referring to grieving over a pet who has passed away (also terribly sad) but about a pet who has run away or disappeared. It’s a terrible feeling to be helpless and unable to find your friend.

4 Tips For Traveling With Cats

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My saga of traveling with my cats started and ended well. At the end of May, I traveled from California to Washington state with my two cats in hand, ready to introduce them to their new home. It would be a 2.5-hour flight from Los Angeles, CA to Portland, OR and thankfully it went better than I could have ever expected.

The Future Of Meat Alternatives

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Last month, I had my first Beyond Taco from Del Taco as well as my first Beyond Burger from Carl’s Jr. Primarily a vegetarian since my teens, the “meat” was so realistic that I felt like I was cheating on my veggie burgers with these new meat-alternatives.

The Future of Wildlife

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When many of us hear a baby crying, we may feel a sudden urge to comfort it, to relieve its pain and to see a smile return to his or her face. 

Yet how do we feel towards an animal, let alone a wild animal that’s suffering? I believe most of us are empathetic and hate seeing any animal suffer, whether it’s our own pet or a wild animal. When we see a deer that’s been hit by a car we can sense its pain as sharply and as non-distinguishably as if our own dog or cat was injured.