Book Recommendations

Here are some of my favorite books on topics related to animal behavior and welfare, pets, and industries involving animals such as agriculture, science, and entertainment.

The Humane Economy

Wayne Pacelle

This book provides a far-arching, insider’s look at a wide variety of industries that have traditionally benefited off of exploiting animals. These include the agriculture industries of meat and dairy, the entertainment industry, scientific fields, pet industries, and wildlife conservation and land management. Through accounts of actual meetings, Wayne Pacelle, the previous CEO of The Humane Society of the United States, is able to show how big changes to protect animals are actually underway in many industries that have appeared too big and cumbersome to ever change.

Animals Make Us Human

Temple Grandin

Dr. Temple Grandin is an expert within the field of animal research and studies. In this book, Dr. Grandin uses her experience from the agriculture field, academia, and research as well as her autistic insights to form new connections between how we raise animals and whether we are truly helping them to live contently.  She offers advice on how we can help animals to live their best lives by addressing their core emotional needs first and then making adaptations based on those needs.

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You and Your Cat

David Taylor

I refer to this book in my post, 3 Ways That Your Cat is Perfectly Designed to Be a Cat. It’s an oldy but a goodie in terms of a handy reference book any cat owner should have on hand. I love the images and the clear, to-the-point writing style.

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