Feedspot Honor and Why I Created Paw Passion Project

Being Honored By Feedspot

I’m grateful to have been included on Feedspot’s Top 100 Animal Websites and Blogs for Animal Lovers earlier last week. Feedspot, thank you for acknowledging this blog’s contribution to animals and to animal welfare across the world. Feedspot’s list of 100 animal websites and blogs includes blogs from major websites including The Dodo and The Humane Society of the United States, to charitable organizations such as Animal Aid Unlimited and YouTube channels that I watch including Vet Ranch and Happy Tails. To be included on such a list is truly an honor.

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Why Paw Passion Project Was Created

I thought that this would be a good time to reflect on why I  started Paw Passion Project and to consider my intent for the blog going forward. Paw Passion Project began as an idea I had many years ago. With time, focus and input from friends, the ideas took on a shape, feel and a name, Paw Passion Project. The name, which a good friend helped me with, refers to my passion for animals, and all forms of life really, which I’ve had since I was a child that stemmed from growing up with dogs and cats as well as squirrels, birds, and deer that frequented my family’s rural property. Animals have always held my greatest respect and were some of my best friends growing up and still are to this day. 

I learned of animal abuse at a relatively early age, I’d say around 9 or 10 years old. This was not through a first-hand experience, thankfully, but one that I still remember vividly. One fall afternoon, I was accompanying my mom to pick up our miniature poodle, Rusty from the dog groomer’s. While we were waiting to pick him up, I glanced up to see a bulletin board on the wall with a paper flyer attached with a push pin. It was a type of wanted ad for a local animal abuser. It included contact information if anyone knew of him or had any leads. Seeing the poster and reading what he had done caused me great internal pain and also confusion, how could someone harm an innocent animal? On that day I realized that not everyone loved animals the way I did.

This led me to find out what other injustices animals faced so that I can, at the least, become more aware of their plight and at the most, become part of the solution. In my teens, I researched the livestock and dairy industry as well as the animal testing being done by cosmetic and chemical companies. I actively avoided any companies that tested their products on animals. This included not just cosmetics but dish soap, toothpaste, and even air fresheners. I still avoid companies that test on animals today. I also reduced my meat and diary intake and experimented with veganism and vegetarianism for years. Today I prefer a loose vegan-vegetarian diet but do eat meat and dairy occasionally in order to have a balanced, healthy body and brain. 

The learning I’ve done over the years has propelled Paw Passion Project, something that I hope can inspire more of us to love and more importantly, respect animals, and at the very least, not to harm them. PPP is different from other blogs in that it attempts to draw input from a variety of fields including anthropology, science, psychology, culture, economics, law, and veterinary medicine to examine topics that include wildlife, pet care, animal behavior and animal-based industries as well as others.

Paw Passion Project is the effort to try and leave a legacy for animals, to help be part of the solution, and to spread awareness of their suffering and also of the good work being done by selfless individuals. The goal of helping to spread the awareness of the beauty of animals, all the while helping to prevent their suffering will always remain the focus of Paw Passion Project. 

Thank you again, Feedspot for honoring this blog. Through recognizing the many other great animal websites and blogs created and maintained throughout the world, you too are helping animals by raising awareness of the inherent respect they wholeheartedly deserve from us. 

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